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Founded in 2011, Graspan Frankton is a British – owned company headquartered in the North East of England.

We are a far reaching, forward facing security risk management company, which specialises in a range of high quality Physical and Technical Security, Risk Consultancy, Threat and Intelligence monitoring / reporting, Travel Management and Training solutions.

With over 40 years of experience, our dedicated and proven team of specialist operatives are able to provide reliable and innovative solutions with discretion and integrity resulting in tangible and effective results.

Our Mission

Is to provide sustainable and effective security and risk management solutions, enabling clients to insulate and protect their people and assets, whilst preserving and developing operational resilience and effectiveness without disruption.

Whats in a name?

The Battle of Graspan in 1899 personifies the unselfish approach we take towards success. During this battle in South Africa, Royal Marines made the decision, knowing that huge losses were expected, to advance over open ground and attack the Boer Forces, in the understanding that overall victory could only be obtained through this noble sacrifice.

43 years later “Operation Frankton” was a commando raid on shipping in the German occupied French port of Bordeaux in southwest France during the Second World War. The raid was carried out by a small unit of Royal Marines known as the Royal Marines Boom Patrol Detachment (RMBPD), part of Combined Operations.
At the time the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill believed the mission shortened the war by six months and that the raid was the most courageous of WWII. The words of Lord Mountbatten, the commander of Combined Operations.

“Of the many brave and dashing raids carried out by the men of Combined Operations Command none was more courageous or imaginative than Operation Frankton”.

That Commando ethos helps us maintain our high standards and excellence, with determination, integrity and humility our values provide businesses the utmost quality in consultancy services and security products.

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