Intelligence and
Advisory Services

Our intelligence and advisory services help you to understand and monitor the risks to your people, assets and information, so that proportionate and effective mitigation can then be put in place. Graspan Frankton adopt intelligence-led solutions, ensuring that decision making is always informed by current and reliable information.

Graspan Frankton intelligence and advisory services enable effective decision-making and the management of security risks for you or your organisation, delivered by competent and experiences analysts with experience in the military and commercial sectors. Intelligence is obtained from both open and closed sources, including deployed personnel as well as other proprietary and privileged networks.

Intelligence is analysed and recommendations for mitigation strategies are applied by our operational specialists. Timely and informative bulletins and reports are delivered when required, in order to further advise and mitigate risk. We provide bespoke intelligence monitoring services, in-depth project risk assessments, threat assessments, vulnerability surveys, investigations, due diligence and travel risk reports.


Graspan Frankton retains the services of a number of highly experienced investigative consultants, with shared experience in asset tracing, enhanced due diligence, serious financial crime, fraud, employee screening, cyber investigations and claims & disputes.

We provide our clients with insightful and cost-effective solutions to their security, crime and risk issues, drawing on investigative experience, global connections and the latest cyber and technological capabilities. Access to proprietary investigations software, which displays significant amounts of data from the open-source and dark/deep web allows insight into people, companies and associated assets that cannot realistically be achieved through traditional investigative techniques.

Graspan Frankton has provided a variety of investigative services to insurance, logistics, maritime and energy companies, as well as private individuals.

Threat and Risk Assessment

Graspan Frankton provides comprehensive threat and risk assessments for companies wishing to understand security environments in which they are currently or soon to be working in.

Each assessment is prefaced with an analysis of any credible security threats present in the vicinity of the site or operation, such as opportune crime, armed or organised crime, kidnap, extortion, terrorism, militancy, conflict, activism and civil unrest. Graspan Frankton analysts will explore the relationship between the threats and the assets specified by the client to produce a completely tailored analysis.

Threats will be quantified in terms of the probability that they will affect the client site and the impact they are likely to have if they do occur. This allows client's to grade the threats to their assets and to make informed decisions on the allocation of resources for any subsequent risk mitigation.


We are an intelligence-led company, ensuring that decision making is always informed by current and reliable information

We provide intelligence solutions that are as unique as your business activities, through incident alerts, daily situation reports or ad hoc assessments. Our tailored services are especially relevant in contexts where 'off the shelf' risk reporting is unable to meet the granular level of information required.

All of Graspan Frankton's intelligence-led activities are run out of the intelligence and advisory department within our head office. Our analysts gather intelligence using a range of sources, including open source information, subscription services, global contacts within the Graspan Frankton Global Network and deep/dark web mining software. We combine real-world experience and ground truth with analytical rigour, providing intelligence services that are easily digested and relevant to your activities.

Travel Risk Assessments & Alerts

When your employees travel to new or complex environments, our analysts can provide country, city or journey risk reports to meet duty of care requirements.

Our reports contain a summary of known risks, examples of recent incidents, current travel advisories and practical advice for keeping safe. Once staff are in country, we monitor local events and inform them of any incidents or foreseeable threats that may impact their day-to-day activities.

Developing an understanding of the risks faced by individuals and corporations as well as how best to mitigate those risks, is essential to preventing harm to individuals, reputation, or the integrity of commercial operations.

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