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When the stakes are high, the best possible advice matters. Graspan Frankton 24/7 Assistance offers immediate, dedicate and professional support to manage crises or unforseen events, such as kidnap, hostile attack, evacuations, medical emergencies, reputational harm or cyber breaches.

Crisis PR and Reputational Harm

Graspan Frankton’s Crisis PR consultants help our customers prepare, defend, and manage reputational issues. Our preparatory service enables clients to understand the risks they face and to be prepared should they arise. Our solutions include advising through reputational risk analysis, protecting by reviewing or creating crisis management plans and strategy. We assist clients by offering counsel and tactical guidance, including support on the ground nationally and internationally.

Either alongside an existing communications team or on our own, we can act as a press office to field press enquiries, issue positional statements and respond to media, ensuring that the client’s position is communicated and understood, and inaccurate information is challenged and corrected.

Evacuation and Medical Assistance

The requirement for robust evacuation plans to be in place to ensure the safety of staff in rapidly escalating situations, especially when government and infrastructure is overwhelmed or has ceased to function is of paramount importance.

Graspan Frankton's experts combine experience and best practices with 24/7 response to help clients plan and execute the safe evacuation of personnel and their dependents from deteriorating environments. We have partnered with leading aircraft charterers and medical response networks to ensure a holistic offering. Our response experts deliver frontline assistance during crisis, emergency response and evacuations. Our intelligence and advisory department provides constant over-watch for any live cases, keeping our response teams updated on events that could impact their operations.

Kidnap Response

Graspan Frankton's Crisis Response Team can support conventional kidnap for ransom, express kidnap, marine piracy, marine hijack, terrorist/political kidnap, threat, extortion and illegal detention.

We deliver a portfolio of kidnap mitigation and preparedness services to enhance security awareness and teach best practice. We prepare people at every level within the organisation to enable effective avoidance practices and, when needed, a speedy response. Our multilingual teams are available for immediate, worldwide deployment, our response intelligence analysts provide initial briefings to the Crisis Response Team, supporting the responders in profiling the kidnappers, monitoring media activity and highlighting potential threats during the negotiation, extraction and repatriation stages of a case.

Our accumulated case experience, our comprehensive knowledge and our depth of understanding enable our responders to manage complex negotiations under duress.

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