Super Yacht Security

Graspan Frankton’s dedicated Superyacht solutions division are a leading provider of large yacht services and offer a comprehensive portfolio of fully tailorable solutions of unparalleled quality. We place professionalism and compliance at the heart of our client focused approach and with over a decade of experience operating in the yacht community, Graspan Frankton ensure the safety of crews, vessels and reputations throughout the world.

Professionalism and Discretion

Supporting yachts of all sizes, Graspan Frankton understand the need for professionalism and discretion when operating in the large yacht community. We focus on building established long term partnerships with our clients, which include Captains, Owners, insurance underwriters, management companies, family offices and individuals engaged in charter.

Response Services - SSAS Alert Handling / Competent Authority

Graspan Frankton are a leading provider of Ship Security Alert System (SSAS) Alert Management / Competent Authority services.

Supported by our 24/7/365 Security Control Centre (SCC), our team are well versed in arranging SSAS alert tests and maintaining annual testing schedules. We respond appropriately to live alerts as per pre-agreed client specific protocols, with intimate understanding of flag state requirements as well as experience liaising with other third parties where required.

Our team work closely with Captains, Officers, CSOs and management to ensure ISPS compliance and peace of mind in the event of an incident. For more information, contact the team today

Emergency Response Services

Graspan Frankton provide fully tailorable response services operated through our 24/7/365 Security Control Centre (SCC) to guarantee a rapid and reliable response. Our experienced incident managers are extensively trained on the ISM and ISPS codes, maritime emergency protocols and the importance of the ‘golden hour’ response needs of any maritime client.

Our emergency response service comprises of dedicated client phone lines, personalised call answering and tailored call capture to provide DPAs with an assured level of response reporting. Graspan Frankton Risk also provide additional response support as part of emergency coverage including notification to other appropriate parties (i.e. P&I clubs, agents, Flag States etc.)

Graspan Frankton also specialise in crisis response and operate a Global Provider Network (GPN) enabling Graspan Frankton to provide response services internationally.

Crisis PR & Media Handling

Our Crisis PR services are retained by leading yacht management companies, ship yards and private offices throughout the world. Graspan Frankton’s media response services look to mitigate exposure and protect the reputations of those involved by being on hand 24/7/365 to provide immediate response.

Graspan Frankton’s experienced team of crisis PR responders boast extensive academic knowledge and practical experience having responded to an array of serious marine and onshore cases. Our team will evaluate each reported case providing expert counsel on the level of response deemed appropriate. We specialise in delivering a coherent and professional response in assisting through to the conclusion of the incident from the most suitable location.

Our focus is to provide hands on, true to life crisis PR and media handling training and drills as well as expert assistance in developing crisis communication strategy, policies and plans.

Specialist Yacht Security

Graspan Frankton's specialist armed yacht security teams understand the onboard yacht environment and focus on providing the highest quality, discreet security whilst fully integrating with the crew and Captain.

Our professional yacht security teams derive from the UK military main arms i.e. Royal Marines, Army & Special Forces, with demonstrable frontline combat experience in hostile environments as well as vast maritime security and anti-piracy experience. Our highly trained specialist personnel are subject to our stringent recruitment process to ensure they maintain Graspan Frankton’ dedication in operating to the highest industry standards ensuring peace of mind to Captains, crew and Owners.

We provide highly professional security teams internationally, including Indian Ocean, West Africa and South East Asia High Risk Area (HRA) transits.

Executive Protection Teams

Our knowledge of working with yacht owners and guests for over a decade has allowed Graspan Frankton to develop an intricate understanding of their lifestyle and their security requirements. Graspan Frankton provide specialist executive protection teams to operate at sea and onshore in both covert or overt capacities.

With experience successfully protecting some of the world’s leading figures including A-list celebrities, Sheiks and their family members, our teams bring their hostile environment British military and Private Security experience to executive protection roles. Our professionals have experience working with both Owners and guests with intimate understanding of the client’s requirement and are supported by Graspan Frankton’s Security Control Centre (SCC) and Intelligence team.

Cyber Security

Graspan Frankton’s cyber security services are delivered by the Cyber Risk Management Team which, provides services to mitigate, treat and respond to cyber and technology enabled crime.

Our team of professionals work in both the virtual landscape and the physical to ensure confidence, understanding and ultimately secure the cyber environment both onboard and shoreside. Our expert designed phased yacht cyber security package analyses both information technology (IT) as well operational technology (OT) to provide comprehensive cyber security coverage to the vessel, crew, Owners and guests and comprises of the following:

Stage 1 - Risk Assessment; Stage 2 - Cyber Security Awareness Training; Stage 3 - Development of Cyber Security Policy; Stage 4 - Ongoing Assurance Review

Graspan Frankton also provide technical cyber security consultancy at the new build / refit stage, DarkWeb investigations and Forensic IT consultants.

Training Services

Graspan Frankton’s pedigree within the maritime sector is unquestionable. We have been delivering an array of maritime courses to crews and shoreside teams since inception. Our training courses derive from our own first-hand experiences and our subject matter expert trainers guarantee exceptional, hands on training to ensure attendees maximise their learning potential.

Graspan Frankton are approved by the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) and UK Department for Transport (DfT) as well as delivering a host of bespoke and tailorable training courses.

New Build / Refit Consultancy

Our team of expert consultants have extensive experience working with leading ship yards and with some of the best-known super and mega yachts in the world.

Drawing on technical first-hand knowledge our consultants are leaders in their respective fields and provide industry best advice, guidance, procurement and integration on the following:

- Fully integrated perimeter protection
- Access Control
- Emergency Lockdown
- CCTV systems
- Cyber security

Intelligence and Advisory Team

Graspan Frankton’s in-house Intelligence and Advisory Team specialise in assisting effective decision making for worldwide yacht itineraries and excursion planning. Our intelligence is drawn from both open and closed sources and focuses on our objective to provide accurate, relevant, presentable and easily digestible information.

Produced and evaluated by our expert qualified analysts, our intelligence services include:

- Bespoke country risk assessments;
- Sea passage security briefs;
- Voyage routing advice and guidance;
- Port, town and/or city assessments;
- Migrant reports;
- Real time maritime and shoreside alerts.

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