Maritime and
Port Security

Graspan Frankton provide a full spectrum of integrated security services for the commercial ports and shipping, offshore, cruise and super yacht sectors, including armed and unarmed security, intelligence support, tracking, training, project security management and asset hardening. As one of the most experience maritime and port security organisations in the market, we place a strong emphasis on compliance, training and competence and professionalism.

Maritime and Port Training

Graspan Frankton is a recognised maritime and port safety and security training provider with extensive experience developing and delivering training solutions to delegates from variety of backgrounds and sectors. Having trained 000's of personnel ranging from seafarers to law enforcement personnel and holding approvals with awarding bodies including UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) and UK Department for Transport (DfT), our aim is to ensure the highest quality, interactive training and consultancy services possible.

We conduct an in-depth training needs analysis to ensure all training is relevant, up to date and specific to the requirements of the client, taking into consideration your current and future plans. We believe in building long term self-sufficiency and through-life capability that enhances operational effectiveness, in line with long term strategic objectives.

Offshore Oil & Gas Project Security

Graspan Frankton have supported drilling and exploration projects throughout the world. We help offshore clients to understand and mitigate the risks to their assets using comprehensive project risk assessments, covering both offshore operating areas and shore-based support functions. When projects 'go live', we provide bespoke intelligence monitoring services to support decision making.

When a significant shore-side presence is required, we deploy our experienced risk management professionals to review hotels, apartments, offices, warehouses, transfer locations, journey management, evacuation and security procedures, to make recommendations for risk mitigation.

In more complex maritime environments, Graspan Frankton can provide armed security support and embarked embedded security personnel to enable your staff and contractors to do their work in a secure environment.

Cruise Ship Security

Graspan Frankton continues to support cruise ship operators with security services and bespoke intelligence support. We understand that cruise ship operators must stay abreast of both land-based and seaborne security threats. The general public’s perception of the safety of a destination (consumer confidence) is of key importance to a cruise line when arranging port calls.

Volatile risk profiles in once popular cruise destinations, such as Turkey, Tunisia and Egypt, have underscored the need for the cruise industry to be able to make quick and informed decisions about calls that could affect their customers and reputation.

Graspan Frankton helps cruise ship operators to understand and monitor the threats to their itinerary, through bespoke risk assessments and reporting. Graspan Frankton provides cruise ships navigating Indian Ocean routes with embarked armed security services. We have a variety of team compositions and security operatives with vast experience onboard cruise ships, who are acutely aware of the specific sensitivities involved with cruise security.

Embarked Security and Escort Services

Graspan Frankton provides embarked armed and unarmed security teams (ASTs) and escort services in all global risk areas, with services catered for the merchant marine, cruise, offshore and super yacht sectors.

We provide highly professional armed security teams for Indian Ocean, West Africa and South East Asia High Risk Area (HRA) transits. All of our armed security teams, comprised of former British, Eastern European and Asian military personnel and are selected through a stringent recruitment and screening process. We embark and disembark teams at all locations of convenience and a voyage risk assessment, threat brief and scored vessel hardening (BMP4) report are included for each voyage.

Sample vessel types Graspan Frankton ASTs have performed duties on are as follows: Tanker (oil, chemical, LPG, LNG); Container Ship; Bulk Carrier; Cruise Ship; Superyacht; General Cargo; Heavy Lift Vessel; Wind Carrier; Jack-up Rig; Drill Rig; Offshore Trenching Vessel; Offshore Supply Vessel; and Tug.

Intelligence and Advisory

Graspan Frankton is an established market leader in the provision of maritime intelligence and advisory services. We constantly monitor a range of threats to maritime interests around the World, in port and at sea. We analyse traditional threats such as piracy, maritime crime, terrorism and conflict, and those that are less documented, such as stowaways, smuggling, corruption, industrial action and activism.

Our experienced analysts help you to understand the risks to your assets and also how to mitigate them. We are contracted by government departments, leading ship management companies, insurance underwriters, O&G majors, cruise lines and superyacht clients to provide such services globally.

Whether you're planning a potentially high risk port call, unsure about the risk exposure on a cruise itinerary or need guidance on navigating risks within particular regions, our intelligence team will provide clear, concise and practical advice.

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