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Gold Standard Event Security Training: Graspan Frankton’s Commitment to Excellence Amidst Industry Concerns


In recent headlines from the BBC, alarming revelations have surfaced regarding the quality of training provided to event security guards. These reports have unveiled instances of what can only be described as “sham” training courses, raising serious concerns about the preparedness and qualifications of security professionals tasked with safeguarding high-capacity event spaces. Against this backdrop, Graspan Frankton’s commitment to providing high-quality training courses that prioritise competence and professionalism stands as beacon of assurance.

Paul Manning, Director of Graspan Frankton, expressed his deep concern regarding the exposure of these subpar training programs. He emphasised the critical importance of well-prepared and highly trained security personnel, especially in the wake of recent terror attacks and other disasters involving large-scale event venues. “In an era where security is paramount,”


Manning stated, “it is imperative that security staff are not only equipped to spot suspicious activity but also possess the skills to analyse risks and respond with calm efficiency. First Aid certification is an imperative part of a security professional’s training, and we take it very seriously.”

At Graspan Frankton, our training courses are designed to set a higher standard. We understand the vital role security officers play as the first point of contact between businesses and the public. Therefore, it is our unwavering commitment to ensure they are not just effectively trained but also compliant with legal requirements, particularly in the often challenging security environment.

One of our flagship courses, the Level 2 Award for Working as a Security Officer within the Private Security Industry Top Up, is tailored for learners seeking to obtain or renew their Security Industry Authority (SIA) license to work legally as Security Officers. This course is specifically designed to update learners on the latest license-linked qualification requirements.

Course Outline:

Unit 01: Terror Threat Awareness in the Private Security Industry

Understand the nuances of identifying and addressing potential threats in event security.

Unit 02: Minimizing Risk in the Private Security Industry

Equip yourself with strategies to effectively mitigate risks during event security operations.

Equip yourself with strategies to effectively mitigate risks during event security operations.
Moreover, our dedication to ensuring that our graduates are well-rounded security professionals extends to their preparedness for emergencies. Learners are required to present a current and valid First Aid or Emergency First Aid certificate that complies with the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981. This certificate must be valid for at least 12 months from the course start date, demonstrating our commitment to equipping our trainees with essential life-saving skills.

As Graspan Frankton, we stand firm in our resolve to maintain the highest standards in security training. Our mission is to produce skilled and proud security professionals dedicated to safeguarding the community. While recent headlines have cast a shadow on the security training industry, we want to assure our clients and partners that our commitment to excellence remains unwavering. We are committed to delivering training that sets the gold standard and producing security personnel who are not only qualified but also passionate about protecting those they serve.

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